At Pawsitive Training Academy, we know the importance of making the learning process fun – for both you and your dog!  By using consistency, repetition, and a lot of positive reinforcement, obedience lessons are transformed into a game that your dog will want to play. 
A dog whose behavior is out-of-control is not a happy dog.  Likewise, having such a dog in your home puts a strain on your family and hinders the kind of relationship you could enjoy with your furry friend.  Let Pawsitive Training Academy help!  We not only focus on the basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Heel), but also work to correct problem behavior, such as jumping, digging, excessive barking, chewing, nipping, and poor housebreaking habits.  Just think – after the very first training session, you and your dog can start building a bond that will last a lifetime!

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